Meet Your Instructors

We specialize in Iyengar-style yoga and our instructors have all been trained and certified by the Iyengar Yoga Insititue.

Justin Herold

Justin has been practicing yoga since 1979. He first started with the intention of reducing or overcoming running related injuries received during his long distance running or cross-country training. He ran to maintain good health but slowly discovered that the Yoga practice provided the most complete and safest system for keeping healthy.

He finally traded his running shoes in for a Yoga training mat. He took a two-year intensive teacher training program, received his Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Certification, and began teaching Yoga at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles, (IYILA) in 1989. He served as a staff instructor at IYILA from 1989 to 1992.

From June of 1992 he has worked as an independent Yoga instructor in Bangkok. He opened the IYENGAR YOGA STUDIO of Bangkok in October of 1999 and has been conducting classes there since.

He travels to India on a regularbasis to continue his studies with the Iyengars; B.K.S.,Geeta and Prashant.

Satida Keaw-Cha-Oum (Lek)

Lek is a Dance graduate from the School for Fine Arts at Chulalongkorn University. She has trained in classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance, London (RAD) beginning in 1984 and holds a Ballet teaching certificate from there. Since 1992 she has taught classical ballet.

Lek began studying yoga in 2000 and started taking Iyengar classes in 2002. Soon after she began apprenticing as a teacher with Justin Herold. Mr. Iyengar issued her teaching certificate on 31 July 2008.

Chidchanok Chaisawat (Mo)

At 18 years old Mo started practicing yoga in various styles, that journey led her to discover Iyengar yoga in 2013. Since then she continues the practice of Iyengar Yoga. She went on to join and complete the Teacher’s Training course conducted by Justin. She earned her certification in December 2019. Mo’s passion for Iyengar yoga is the adaptability of the style that can suit all practitioners. The objective in teaching is to transfer experiences to the practitioners, assist in strength and flexibility developments safely through yoga.


Kik started her Iyengar yoga practice more than a decade ago. But after one year, she decided to put it on hold due to a busy work schedule. Later in 2012, she stepped back on a yoga mat and has committed herself to yoga practice ever since. She has been certified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher since December 2019. She continues to develop her own practice by attending regular classes and workshops with senior teachers at every opportunity.


Meng took his first yoga class in 2011 to alleviate his office syndrome, like many others these days. Yoga has improved his overall health, as well as his flexibility and strength. He explored awide variety of styles including Ashtanga Yoga and Bikram Yoga before discovering Iyengar Yoga in 2013. Meng deepened his Iyengar Yoga practice and became certified in December 2019. He enjoys refining his practice and knowledge with senior Iyengar teachers at available opportunities.


Manop​ started his yoga​ journey in​ 2005, USA.​ A​ friend​ reccommended he​ try​ yoga​ to​ help improve his​ health​ and​ deal with​ his ​back​ pain.​ He​ researched and​ self-practice​ follow​ing​ guidance in​ yoga ​book, but​ in​ the​ end​ found​ Iyengar​ yoga​ suited him​ best.​ He​ turned​ his ​focus and​ study​ to​ Iyengar.​ He​ started​ formal classes at the ​Iyengar​Yoga​ Studio​ in​ Delray​ Beach, Florida US​ in​ 2006. Because​ of​ the ​positive results he​ experience​d, his​ way​ of​ think​ing​ changed He was ​inspired by​ the​ story​ of​ B.K.S​ Iyengar’s yoga​ journey.​ He​ decided​ to ​become a​ teacher​ of​ yoga.​ Upon his​ return​to​ Bangkok​ in​ 2008. He ​joined the​ classes​ at​ the​ Iyengar​ Yoga​ Studio,​ Bangkok.​ He​ completed the​ teacher​ training​ course in​ June 2011. Now​ he​ is​ continue​ praticing and​ teach​ing​ yoga​ at​ Iyengar​ Yoga​ Studio​ Bangkok​ and​ private and​ groups​ classes​ out​side.


I have been practicing many styles of yoga since 1999 but not as a dedicated practitioner. My practice focus was to help create flexibility and reduce my office syndrome. With insufficient knowledge of yoga I wound up injuring myself until I could no longer continue practicing. This lasted a year. The fortune of the injury was when I resumed my quest of yoga I found Iyengar Yoga. Practicing for some time I then made my decision to take the next step and gofor teacher training with Justin. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2012. With encouragement from Kru Lek decided to take assessment after finishing my teacher training with Justin. I received my Iyengar Teacher’s certificate in 2017.

Pongpipat Kiatprapin (Ake)

Ake, started his yoga journey nearly two decades ago. He began his yoga practice to destress from work and alleviate health issues. Realizing its therapeutic benefits, he maintained his daily practice until it becomes his authentic lifestyle. Ake explored a wide variety of yoga styles before falling in love with Iyengar yoga, which offers approaches adapted to suit individual needs. He became certified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in December 2019 and committed himself since then.


Pop discovered yoga in 2006 and Iyengar yoga in 2013 in London. Inspired by a progressive exploration of asanas, as well as body and mind, she has dedicated herself to this method and qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2019, under the guidance and mentorship of Justin and Lek at the Iyengar Yoga Studio Bangkok. Pop’s aim is to teach yoga insuch a way that it’s accessible to everyone regardless of body shape and age. It’s a privilege to help students develop strength and mobility through a safe, balanced practice.


Began her studies of Iyengar Yoga with Justin in 2010. By comparison to other styles of yoga she felt Iyengar best suited her personality and dedicates herself to that way of practice. She feels she learns through practice, embracing the concept of the practice being personal, exploring the mindful side. And by the mindfulness of the practice there are fewer resulting injuries. After completing a Teacher Training course with Justin, she passed theassessment and received her certificate in December of 2017.