Important Announcements & Updates

On this page, we will share the latest announcements and updates related to the Iyengar Yoga Studio Classes and Zoom Online Classes.

Classes at Studio Resuming September 1, 2020

Dear students and friends,

We happy to announce that we are finally ready to resume classes at the studio. We will also continue with our online classes at the same time.

The first class will be held on Tuesday, 1 Sept. at 8:00 am. Please visit this page for the full schedule. It will follow our schedule from before with just a couple of changes.

In order to comply with the COVID-19 regulations there will be some changes to the procedure for attending classes in order to help insure the safety and health of our students.

We will be restricted on the props we can provide. The props available from the studio will be blocks, shoulderstand pads, chairs, and other assorted wooden props like planks.

All students will be required to bring their own sticky mat for use in the class along with a belt or yoga strap.
Students may also bring additional props, blankets, bolsters, etc.

Unfortunately, there is insufficient storage space at the studio. Students will be required to remove all their items at the end of each class.

At the end of each class each student will be required to clean the studio props they use during the class. Cleaning supplies will be provided.

Procedures for joining and paying for class will be like before. Online classes will follow their current procedure. Payment will be the same. Students who have any of the monthly type of live studio classes will also be entitled to join the online classes at no additional charge. The discount for props will continue during the month of September to our students.

Please contact the studio for any additional information you may require.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person again.

Warmest regards,
Justin, Lek and staff